About The Archive

The Port Orford Historical Photo Project began as a love affair between Alan Mitchell and the town of Port Orford, Oregon. Situated near the most westerly point in the contiguous United States, Port Orford is a historian's dream, rife with the stuff of legend and romance: logging lore, quests for gold, tales of undiscovered meteorites, hard-fought battles, trials of the native people, stormy shipwrecks and thwarted dreams of the fiercely independent town spearheading an effort to secede to create The State of Jefferson, the 51st State.

Armed only with his camera and a collector's curiosity, he began accumulating historical photos and artifacts that represent one of the most respected archives of material in the region. Truly a labor of love, Alan continues to add to the collection anything he can find: photos, maps, ribbons, newspaper articles, documents, memoribilia, oral histories, and now modern technology presents the opportunity to expand the collection to include videos, audio recordings and QTVR files for generations well into the future to enjoy.

Alan sought out artist Rebecca Hargrave Malamud of Point.B Studio to assist him with building this archive for the ages. Malamud jumped at the chance to collaborate on this worthy endeavor and is creating a next-generation website to curate similar collections of art, momentos and photography. This builds on her previous project, The Memory Palace Project, which also contains many wonderful photographs of the area, many of which will become part of the archive. Malamud and Mitchell will be working together to build the collection, seeking contributions from area artists and gathering stories from life-long residents to enhance the collection before they are lost forever.

Please enjoy your stay at Port Orford Historical Photos!

a picture called The Heads alan brenda mitchell memorial bench should be here...
Alan Mitchell rests at a favorite bench while hiking The Heads. Credit: Brenda Mitchell