Contribute GeoData!

We are in ALPHA and currently mapping all of our photos of the area, so if you have any waypoints you would like to add to our map or data in KMZ/KML, SHP, LYR, OSM (ETC ... :) ) formats, please forward them our way. Thank you!

Contribute Materials

Port Orford Historical Photos accepts contributions in digital format or we can scan your original artifacts at high resolution. For purposes of preservation and production integrity, we recommend scanning materials with a high-resolution scanner. *

Digital materials can be sent to If you have a substantial amount of digital material to donate, we recommend using Dropbox or copying your items to a Flash Drive or an SD Card and delivering them to us at Point.B Studio. If you have physical artifacts that need to be digitized, you can also bring them to Point.B Studio at 351 6th Street, Port Orford, OR, 97465.

Contribute Historical Data

At present, we are interested in anyone who has historical information regarding any of the photos currently in our collection. We will be adding this information to the archive as well as geographic data and links of attribution. All contributions of this type can be sent via email to

Port Orford Historical Photos is a labor of love made possible through the efforts of Alan Mitchell, Point.B Studio and all contributors. Thank you!

* NOTE → Several items in this collection are only available in low resolution and need to be rescanned. If you are interested in an image and it is of low quality, please enquire if a higher resolution image can be made available.