351-Archive Update

Date 6 July 2016

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We’re adding new photos to the Port Orford Historical Photo Collection this week and it’s always fascinating to discover more local history as we update the archive. This week when we were capturing footage of the Port Orford Jubilee for the archive, including our parade timelapse for posterity, we found ourselves standing in the exact same spot as one of the photos in the collection taken on Highway 101 a mere 65 years ago.

port-orford-20164th-parade-1951LEFT: HWY 101 in Port Orford, July 4th 2016. → RIGHT: HWY 101 in Port Orford, July 4th 1951. Click to view full size photograph.

The 4th of July Parade in Port Orford, OR, as seen through the #rdcHQ Crow’s Nest Cam on the second floor of Point.B Studio. July 4th 2016.

Plus we found this gem in a stack of vintage postcards featuring local landmarks Mt. Humbug (to the left in the background) and Battle Rock (front and center) and we noticed the reference to “Roosevelt Highway” in the caption. [Theodore] Roosevelt Highway was the original name for Highway 101 in the 1920s when it was part of the Memorial Theodore Roosevelt International Highway following Roosevelt’s death in 1919. The US Government switched to the United States Numbered Highway System in 1926 to eliminate confusion with similarly named interstates. In fact, there were at least five stretches of highway ambiguously dubbed “Roosevelt Highway” in the U.S.


More updates are in The Queue … STAY TUNED 😀

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