Codename: LoveLace

Date 19 July 2016

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We have a fascinating new THING at Rural Design Collective HQ and we are excited to announce yet another summer project currently underway where we begin our foray into the world of 3D-scanning. We’re just getting started on learning how to use the Structure App with the Structure Sensor and are exploring the various modes of operation before we get into our 3D CAD modelling project.

THE STRUCTURE SENSOR UNBOXING: Ada inspects the Structure Sensor. No pugs were actually scanned in this experiment!

The Structure Sensor app creates an initial visualization using a coarse 8-bit palette that indicates depth (as opposed to thermal imaging which shows temperature). Roughly, warm colors are closer to the sensor and cool colors are further away. The sensor can be calibrated for more accurate scanning as described in Sensor’s first use manual. We captured screen grabs using our iPhone since Ada obviously found the experience most curious and wouldn’t sit still for a full mesh scan. We plan to conduct our first scanning experiment on an inanimate (and much less wiggly) object :-)


RAW DEPTH SCAN MODE: Best. Viewed Large. … Click to view images at full size.

Now that we have officially entered a new dimension <g>, what better time to announce the upcoming art exhibit coming to Point.B Studio this Fall — SEA-CHANGE. Our annual celebration of art launches Labor Day Weekend and will evolve over the course of the exhibition. It promises to be thought-provoking journey — Stay Tuned!

seachange.thielenSEA-CHANGE opens at Point.B Studio on Labor Day Weekend. Details to be announced!
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