Hello World!

Welcome to a New Year at #rdcHQ — and as with every year it will be filled with fun and exciting new projects! This year, we are jazzed to bring together some ideas that have been brewing in our R&D Lab for some time.


First off, We’ll be mapping historical photos in partnership with Port Orford Historical Photos and the results should be quite interesting. In addition to mapping history, we will also be taking some unexpected detours and journeys to continue on with our early work on the Memory Palace Project in memory of Lois Miller, Friend of the Rural Design Collective and Artist Extraordinaire!

But that’s not all … we’ll be diving into some 3D mapping and rendering, pitching in at The Cape Blanco Music Festival helping our local fire department, working on our time capsule … and in our copious spare time we’ll create some original movies and music! We also have a few upgrades in the queue at Rural Design Collective Headquarters, inside and out, that will keep life interesting and moving happily along in a forward fashion.

As always … Stay Tuned!