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Date 6 August 2016

351 circa 1930Greetings from #rdcHQ! We’re pleased to announce that we have our framework completed for our CAD model of the 351-Building. This is just the bounding box for the interior three floors that will be modeled with our Structure Sensor. We used Google SketchUp to create the framework, and everything is built 100% to scale including the 5° slope on the original rooftop (shown at right) which is currently the floor of our Art Attic. You can see the sloped roof in historic photos of our building dated circa 1930 and it is indicated clearly in our model in green.

We’ll be using SketchFab to display our models so you can interact with them directly in your web broswer or app:

Next, the bounding box of each of the interior rooms needs to be defined so the Structure Apps can build a mesh and calculate the dimensions of the space. At present, the suite of apps designed for use with the Structure Sensor are still very much in development, so it may take some tinkering with the SDK in order to complete this next step. We are very impressed with the tools and the technology so far! Stay Tuned!


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