New Things @ #rdcHQ

Date 7 July 2016

Greetings from #rdcHQ Our summer projects are officially in full swing at Rural Design Collective Headquarters!

We’re busy right now conducting interviews via Skype for a mini-sequel to “The Beginning of The Sustainable World” which is being directed and produced entirely on-site at #rdcHQ. It has been over three years since our first movie with The Sustainable Crew and we are ready for a new cinematic adventure plus updating our knowledge of the current state-of-the-art in environmental sustainability.

We’re also super excited about the arrival of our latest and greatest new Thing for #rdcHQ — the Structure Sensor by Occipital. We’ll be experimenting with 3D scanning the second part of the summer and it will be an interesting challenge. Our first project is to create a customized bracket in order to fit the sensor to an iPhone 6 with a protective case so we can use our new device. We plan to modify an existing design that has been published online via Occipital HQ and Shapeways and print it in 3D. Once we solve this minor logistical design modification, the real fun begins. Stay tuned! :)

IN OTHER NEWS … Updates continue to the Port Orford Historical Photos Archive with scans of new items and line art drawings of landmarks based on recent and historical photographs in the collection. A new draft of the buildings on our block at 351 6th Street is shown below. These files will be available in a variety of formats on our website for anyone to use. Enjoy!

Port Orford Historical Buildings

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