The Cobwebs Project

Cobwebs is an animated series made by Nathan Malamud, Colton Keeler, Devon Richard, Quince Nye, Gabby McCutcheon, Kelsey Brokaw, Ben Garratt, Evelyn Jennings, Tyler Mendell, Harry McCutcheon, Brooke Richard, and Albert Self III. All creative geniuses who aren't even in High School yet. Originally thought up and directed by Nathan Malamud. In the late winter of 2012, Nathan thought of the idea of creating an animated movie, and at the beginning of school his friends joined him to create the strange, playful, cartoony and adventurous story of Cobwebs.

Two years later the same group of friends (and some people who joined them) are learning how to animate, program, vectorize, work in iMovie, Photoshop, Openoffice, and Blender in a technological symbiotic environment where Windows, Linux, and Apple computers go hand in hand. The movie nears its completion, but the moviemaker's journey has just begun.

Watch the Movie and immerse yourself into the world of Cobwebs, a world where nothing is as it seems...

The Plot

When 13 year old Bill Young and 16 year old Stephanie Young move to the out-out-outskirts of Nevada City with their parents and their dog, things start to get weird, when Charles the Vampire decides to drop a more-than-a-century-old quest on the family due to exhaustion and boredom. The Quest:To save a trapped village from an evil dark overlord named Sabre who has sinister plans for the humans. Bill and Stephanie Young uncover secrets of the world that were thought to be fiction for ages. Bill and Stephanie receive help from T.J. The Werewolf, who was disguised as their dog for many years; Otto, T.J.'s skeletal and silent accomplice; Andy, an enchanted sock monkey; and Charles the Vampire, who aids Bill and Stephanie in their quest to fight Sabre, and restore peace to the village. However, how can Bill and Stephanie do this while at the same time make sure that their house will fall apart in the great battle?