Announcing RDC HQ 2010 + Buy Our Stuff!

A new mentoring season approaches at the Rural Design Collective and we are sprucing up our digs with a new design that has been engineered to last us into the future. We are still under construction, but the framework is in place and we are fleshing out the content. Our most notable new section is BUY OUR STUFF, where you (yes, YOU, Dear Reader … ) can help support our Internet Good Deeds and Random Real World Acts of KindnessTM by purchasing things that we create. This program is currently powered by the sheer will and creativity of the people you see in Meet The RDC section, so every little bit helps keep us moving forward.

We will be adding new items to the BUY OUR STUFF section over the coming months while we plan our program for 2010. Please consider purchasing an item to help us continue our work. Supporters of our program will be eligible for inclusion in the “Friends of the Rural Design Collective.”

We will keep this site on the ‘net for posterity. We had a blast participating in the One Laptop Per Child’s Contributor Program!

As we like to say at #rdcHQ – Stay tuned (… and BUY OUR STUFF!)

Click This Bumper Sticker – Make Good Things Happen.

$10 USD – Currently available in BookMobile Green only. Shipping included.

The RDC Needs YouTM – Buy our spiffy bumper sticker (click on it above) and learn more about becoming a Friend of The Rural Design Collective. All proceeds go towards continued work and good deeds on projects like the ones you see here, plus the continued development of the RDC and our mentoring program!

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#rdc2009 Post-Program – Writing the Documentation

Greetings from RDC Headquarters! It has been awhile since our last update – but that is because we have been busy wrapping up loose ends and officially winding down the 2009 Mentoring Season. It was a great year, and we are thrilled at what we accomplished as a team. In October, we had the great [...]

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#rdc2009 Hacker Wednesdays – Testing The UI

Greetings! The Rural Design Collective has been busy getting our final revision of the code ready for production. We have been doing a great deal of work testing the user interface on the XO and on the web, streamlining the HTML, commenting our code, and debugging our various libraries (and it even validates using [...]

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#rdc2009 Hacker Wednesdays – Back in the Groove

The icon set is really beginning to take shape for our Children’s book collection!

Hello! After a brief respite to organize a phenomenal art show and enjoy the changing seasons, we are back in action for the latest work from the Rural Design Collective! We learned from our demos that we gave at our Launch Party [...]

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#rdc2009 Hacker Wednesdays – Coding The Elements

The Rural Design Collective will be demonstrating their hard work this summer at our annual RDC Launch Party, plus we will be publishing public domain books for kids! The above book was designed by Anand Chitipothu, lead architect of infogami and Friend of the RDC.
Hello! Busy times at the RDC. Our Launch Party deadline is [...]

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