2009 Mentoring Program (CodeName: IACL-4-OLPC)

The 2009 RDC Mentoring Program centers around the public domain and books!

The Rural Design Collective was recently granted a hardware donation from the One Laptop Per Child Foundation. Six XO laptops were granted to us through the OLPC Contributors Program — and we will be creating XO bundles of public domain books for kids from the Internet Archive Children’s Library! These six computers will be returned at the end of the program and the IACL books will be distributed to other XO laptops. OLPC has a group of volunteers assisting in the librarianship, and we will also be documenting our progress on the web so other people can benefit. It is an exciting program, and we are honored to be involved.

In addition to these six donated laptops, the Rural Design Collective donated another six to schools and libraries in their area. We plan to collect these laptops and outfit them with the same collection from the IACL. The mentees will partner with a representative from the participating local organizations to outfit the XO to their specifications and train them on the device. We will share what we learn by publishing our work on the web and installing the same bundles on laptops donated by the OLPC through the Contributors Program.

* Obtain XO Laptops
* Select RDC Mentorees
* Launch #rdc2009 blog and social media networks

* Orientation for RDC Mentorees (Public Domain, ebooks, XO)
* Working with collections
* Write auto-downloader program for IACL

* Download DjVu version of books
* get developer key(s)
* upgrade XO laptops to Sugar v.84
* order sticks for SoaS
* select samples for EPUB experiment

* build IACL bundles (by collection)
– 20 MB file size limit … hmmmm
* create web UI for collection
– individual and bundle downloads
– EPUB experimentation
* test, test, test

* public demo (Labor Day Weekend)
* refine based on feedback
* test, test, test

* outreach to schools and libraries
* release auto-downloader program
* digital books conference (4th week in October)
* return XOs to local community and OLPC

More soon! … this is a tentative schedule and will be replaced with our design specification document and production schedule!

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