Extra Credit

During the off-summer months, the RDC often engages in extra-curricular activities to keep our creative juices flowing and our skills sharp. Here are select projects:


When Jon Stewart took CNBC to task on national television for irresponsible journalism, RDC Founder Rebecca Malamud worked with other concerned citizens to create an online petition that generated over 22,000 signatures demanding action. A letter was delivered to CNBC headquarters in New York City and videotaped for posterity.


The RDC worked with a team on the East Coast to build this site calling attention to an important issue. The site was fully integrated with a donation management system and organized remotely through email in a matter of days. Upon launch, it was linked by many high profile media blogs and praised for its effective marketing and clean design – a direct result of effective collaboration between the two groups.

Open Library Great Books Collection

RDC alumni Levi Thompson and Nichole Richard gave a production assist to Open Library, adding high-resolution imagery and markup to a collection of public domain books deemed great by those in the know. Their contributions were part of a web demonstration created by two developers at the UC Berkeley School of Information, visualizing what an online bookshelf might look like. This collection is available for everyone to download and enjoy at Open Library … along with another groovy web demonstration of a public domain collection of kids books designed by RDC Founder Rebecca Malamud.

Change Congress

The Rural Design Collective provides design assistance on occasion to Change Congress, an organization that believes that politicians should work for the people, not special interests. The core site and logo, which is used to organize volunteers and grass-root campaigns, was designed by RDC Founder Rebecca Malamud. Stop Fake Reform is a recent example of a project that the RDC lended a helping hand on.

Internet Archive Bookmobile

Head Start Critter Construction Book
The Amazing Sixes Solar-Powered Pumpkin People
Tour Photos: Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4
RDC Founder Rebecca Malamud enjoyed a stint in 2007 as an Internet Archive Bookmobilist. She made appearances in the area, including the Port Orford Library, Head Start (a program for preschool children), and a local arts & crafts fair. During her tenure, she also published two public domain books for kids. This experience helped shape her vision for the Rural Design Collective.

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