Rural Design Collective

IACL-4-OLPC Target Book Collection – These are the books that the Rural Design Collective is downloading for the project. (Draft)
DjVu Memory Chart (Draft)
Overview of IACL-4-OLPC Project (Draft)
@rdc2009 on Twitter
#rdc2009 scrapbook on Flickr
The Rural Design Collective UI Lab – see how it looks on the XO: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]

Internet Archive

Internet Archive Children’s Library (IACL)
IACL Tag Cloud
IA S3 API – upload and download your own books in bulk!
The Internet Archive Bookmobile
Making Books Apparent

Open Library

Online Book Reader – by Raj Kumar and Michael Ang
OLPC Web Demonstration – by Rebecca Malamud
Open Library Bulk Access Downloader – by Raj Kumar
Virtual Shelf – by Jonathan Breitbart and Devin Blong

One Laptop Per Child

Sugar (desktop environment) – Wikipedia entry
Activities for the XO – Sugar 0.82
XO Activation and Developer Keys
Sugar on a Stick – Strawberry v1 (Sugar 0.84)
Fedora 11 Remix for the XO-1.5
Creating a collection on the XO
XO Generation 1.0
XO Generation 2
Floss Manuals: Updating Sugar
Read 68 (Released 10.09.09)
Read 70 Release – support for Epub
Sugar Labs
Screen Resolution on the XO

Notable Sugar Developers

Sayamindu Dasgupta’s Ramblings
Get Internet Archive Books 3 – by James Simmons
View Slides Activity – by James Simmons

OPDS … and beyond!

Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS)
Beautiful Soup
Internet Archive OPDS
International Children’s Digital Library

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