I Liberate Thee #351100

Geetings from #rdcHQ! Our centennial is in full swing and we are celebrating with early maps of the Internet before its exponential growth that we are all so familiar with today. Below is an animation of the ihr skitter monitor created with a tool called Walrus (Young Hyun, author/artist) which is archived at the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA). These early visualizations are quite beautiful even if they are deemed inaccurate by folks in the know. They are now better categorized as abstract + art. We hope the Internet will be as dynamic, individualistic, free, open and beautiful 100 years from now as it appears in these early depictions.

This extraordinarily beautiful method of visualization has been deprecated by Archipelago (Ark).

In the meantime, more artists are confirming participation in the Gegenschein Time Capsule project. Next in the queue — an original musical composition by Nathan Malamud. The score and arrangement are being written in an open source music notation program called musescore. We are also investigating Soundslice (Adrian Holovaty, author/artist) in order to incorporate guitar tabulature.

Stay tuned! :-)

Centennial Cents #351100

Greetings from #rdcHQ. We’re making progress on the Gegenschein Time Capsule project and have chosen the under-appreciated penny to represent a technology that will still work as designed 100 years from now. We are searching for cents for our centennial that are pre-1982 as they have 95% copper content. Copper has an anti-fungal property that will protect other elements in our capsule as evidenced when the Revere-Adams Time Capsule was unearthed earlier this year.

Photography by Nathan Malamud

It would be ideal if we could find pennies minted between 1793–1857 as these would be 100% copper — perhaps someone with one of these coins in their possession would like to contribute to our project. A single 2015 coin will be included as a timestamp despite its low copper content — and even if these minute units of currency may be phased out in the immediate future, they’ll be worth every cent in our capsule.

Photography by Nathan Malamud

We have a collection from the beach of fossils, agates and jaspers that will find a home in the time capsule. At right above is a gift from a friend called Mozart’s Ears which was found on a nearby beach. We’ll be writing backstories for each of these artifacts as we design the time capsule and they will be on display in our street level gallery at 351.

Photography by Nathan Malamud

We’ll highlight additional time capsule contents in the weeks to come. Proposed artifacts run the gamut: visualizations, maps (wind, celestial, terrestrial), historic photos, redwood seeds, original art, local organic honey, metal sculpture, original musical compositions. Interactive exhibits that will utilize technologies that still work a century from now are still under exploration … Stay Tuned! :-)

The All New #rdcHQ 2015
Upgrade Department

Greetings from The All New #rdcHQ! At this Saturday’s meetup, upgrades continue into 2015 at Rural Design Collective Headquarters with the addition of a new router and hub in our server room to support future expansion in the media lab. Our internet enabled devices were maxing out the capacity of our sentimentally favorite WRT54G 2.4GHz router that had served our needs diligently since 2002. Our spiffy new dual band WRT1900AC router is a substantial upgrade from the previous device and will certainly fill the bill for some time to come.

Our lovely new WRT1900AC router looks right at home in the server closet at #rdcHQ.

Server Closet as Gallery — A rare poster from The Internet 1996 World Exposition shown at right

#rdcHQ Extra Credit:
Law Day 2015

Greetings from #rdcHQ! Yesterday was Law Day and the first ever “Free PACER” campaign was held in San Francisco (Internet Archive), Chicago (SmartChicago), and New York (Civic Hall). RDC Founder Rebecca Hargrave Malamud created a special mark for the event as well as pitched in on additional design artifacts —

You can read more about the event here which also includes details on how to send your own postcard if you were unable to attend one of the in-person events.

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