#rdcHQ Extra Credit RasPi

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We’re busy on a myriad of projects, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to score a little bonus Extra Credit. We’d like to congratulate Kelsey Brokaw of the Cobwebs Crew for successfully installing NOOBS and Raspian on a Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2.

The Raspberry Pi Model B
Success! Downloading software to the Raspberry Pi Model B

Not only did he get the device up and running, he also created a Cobwebs Workstation on the RasPi, installing Inkscape and Gimp on the Model B. Unfortunately, we were unable to successfully install Blender at this time and are currently searching for a potential 3D and 2D animation tool that runs on the RasPi and is compatible with our current workflow. However, we are pretty excited that one can create a design environment on this low cost computer!

Installing Inkscape on the Raspberry Pi Model B

The next step is to produce work for Cobwebs using the device to see if this could indeed be a viable work environment … this is going to be fun! … Stay tuned!

Cobwebs Website Redesign

At Saturday’s Cobwebs Meetup, the Crew began work on the website redesign. The first step was to incorporate all of the design elements into the layout, including navigational text. The results are quite amazing! Artist Evelyn Jennings based her design on a very simple 1024 x 768 pixel grid.

It certainly looks very impressive as the final design!

The new web site home page by Evelyn Jennings (would also make a great new mousepad for 2014!)

The crew began some very basic coding to transform the current website into its new design. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering the basics of what it takes to turn a visual design such as the one Evelyn created into an web page that is accessible via the Internet. That is quite a bit of ground to cover between now and our site launch (including the release of the movie) … however The Cobwebs Crew can do it!

Click the image above to view the website redesign in progress!

NOTE: We have a special Extra Credit post from the Cobwebs Crew, and we’ll have an update from the animation team next meetup — Stay Tuned!

Cobwebs Progress Report *

A Guest Post From The Cobwebs Crew

While Part Three of the Cobwebs Movie is being made, The Cobwebs Crew is redesigning the Cobwebs Website. We are making the website feel as though you are reading the Book of Knowledge, and we are also fixing bugs and adding new features!

A basic idea of what the website will look like based on a visual design by Evelyn Jennings.

At the next Cobwebs Meetup, we will begin implementing this design in HTML and CSS. We’ll need a layout that works for both the home page and the secondary pages as well. We have decided to start with the About page first, so we will modify Evelyn’s book design to work for pages that have a lot of scrolling content such as the layout shown at left created for the New Artists Productions website in 2011. We’ll also tighten up the home page design to accommodate navigational elements and other content features like we did for the animated theater stage.

The original mockup for the animated stage for the New Artists Productions website.

* We’re excited about this next phase of development on the site, and it looks like Cobwebs — The Movie — Part Three will be completed in time for The Oregon Coast Film Festival!

Stay tuned for more Cobwebs News!

Independence Day @ 351

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We’re back on earth after a fun-filled Fourth of July celebration with family and friends plus a grand finale at the annual Jubilee event in Port Orford, Oregon. We started what could in fact become a new tradition at #rdcHQ – we documented the parade with time-lapse video shot from the media lab crow’s nest facing the town. It came out quite well despite the fact that our video camera took a tumble due to the very strong winds that day.

Time lapse video of the Port Orford Parade by Nathan Malamud of #rdcHQ

The photos below are from our 351-Archive Project and were taken very near the spot where we captured our video footage. The first image was taken circa 1951 and is the view looking south down Highway 101 from our vantage point in the crow’s nest. The second photograph is undated and pictures the local theater.

Click on the images to enlarge. Images courtesy of The Port Orford Historical Photo Project.

The second photo was taken around the curve from our vantage point traveling north on Highway 101, the building in the center of the photograph is now the Savoy Theatre. The building to the left of the theater, Norms Market, is no longer standing. On July 4 2014, a mysterious chess set appeared in the spot where it once stood …

The Giant Chess Set by Jerry McManus with Nathan Malamud of the Cobwebs Crew shown for scale.

About The 351-Archive

351-Archive is scheduled to launch this September as the “Port Orford Historical Photo Project”. It will be an ongoing initiative of The Rural Design Collective and will continue to be updated with new and historical photos, animations and videos … some even of the time-lapse variety! All of the material will be released into the public domain under a Creative Commons license that will allow others to remix and reuse the content in their own creative works.

Stay Tuned! :-)

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