#rdcHQ Extra Credit 2015

Greetings from #rdcHQ! – We’re working on our first Extra Credit project of 2015, a special assignment to honor our friend and colleague, Aaron Swartz. We’re researching and working on design concepts for The Swartz Cup to be awarded on May 1, The Proposed National Day of PACER Protest. The final implementation will be crafted by the artisans of Point.B Studio with some element of the cup to become part of the Gegenschein Time Capsule slated for release in 2015.

The Memorandum of Law by Carl Malamud. Read more at Yo.YourHonor.Org

We are also excited to be one of seven guest character designers of an augmented reality book called “Peck Peck’s Journey” by artist J.J. Ventrella. “Emerging from this book is a new kind of creature that inspires, entertains, and could possibly revolutionize the art of character animation as we know it’,” states Ventrella, “These characters are called ‘wiglets’.” We are very excited to be a part of this extraordinary idea, and we are certain that our ace team of animators will be up to the task!

We’re just getting started … Stay Tuned!

A New Year @ #rdcHQ

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We are officially in hibernation mode at the HQ, however Many Good ThingsTM are happening in the off-season as we prepare for the summer. This marks the 9th year of The Rural Design Collective and it promises to be a great one. Here is a sneak preview of some of the projects under development this year.

Gegenschein Time Capsule – This year, The 351 Building where Rural Design Collective Headquarters is located will be celebrating its centennial and we are designing a time capsule to be placed underneath the building to commemorate the occasion. Initial contents of the capsule are in the design phase and materials are being procured to ensure the contents will last for the duration of their stay in the time capsule. We will publish this list at a later date on our website and the contents will be on display at Point.B Studio in the street level gallery throughout 2015.

351-Archive – Development continues on “Port Orford Historical Photos” and new features will be added in 2015. Recently, a Tumblr was added to facilitate the addition of new entries. We will also be creating an installation and time-lapse video using photos from the 351-Archive as part of the Gegenschein Time Capsule.

ABOVE: The Cobwebs Crew in action at the media lab at #rdcHQ

Cobwebs — Part Three – The much-anticipated “Part Three” of the Cobwebs Movie will also be under development this summer. There are plans for more learning, more original music and more captivating animation, as well as a “Director’s Cut” of all three parts. Watch for details at the Cobwebs website!

This is just a sampling of what’s in store — we have other projects under review and details will be posted soon before the Summer Season begins … Stay tuned!

Cobwebs Wins “Best of
Festival – Student Film”

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We have entered our Fall and Winter season at Rural Design Collective Headquarters, and although it is still busy behind-the-scenes, we are taking a break to enjoy the change of seasons. We would however like to congratulate The Cobwebs Crew who won “Best of Festival – Student Film” at The Oregon Coast Film Festival last month!

Here is The Crew onstage announcing “Cobwebs – The Movie – Part Two” at The Oregon Coast Film Festival:

They did an incredible job this season and we are so proud of their work. A trailer was prepared for the event and the movie can be viewed as a work in progress on The Cobwebs website at http://cobwebs.me/.

The website as well as the movie (including the script, music, coding, art and graphics) was created and produced entirely by The Cobwebs Crew. Well Done … and Congratulations To All!

Congratulations to the
Cobwebs Crew

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We are pleased to announce another successful season for The Cobwebs Crew! At the annual Rural Design Collective Launch Party, The Crew presented their progress on their movie as well as the Extra Credit work they did on Hexy The Hexapod as part of the First National Day of Making.

Hexy The Hexapod poses with the Second Annual Cobwebs Cake
Ben Garratt, Devon Richard, and Nathan Malamud demonstrate the new Cobwebs website.

We put together a fun and funky stop-action video to capture the event … Enjoy!

Much fun was had by all and we can’t wait to see what the members of the Cobwebs Crew dream up next. We know they will continue to make great things!

The Cobwebs Crew wraps up another great summer at #rdcHQ :-)
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