#rdcHQ Extra Credit
Fire Safety FTW!

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We’re always jazzed to get an interesting extra credit project, and this summer a perfect one came through the door just in time for the Cape Blanco Music Festival which will take place July 31 – August 2. Once again, we’re working with our friends at The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to raise awareness for fire safety in general and our local Sixes River Fire Department who will have their hands full during the three-day event when 20,000 country music fans visit our community during the height of fire season.

Poster design by The Rural Design Collective

We’re really excited about the upcoming music festival as well as the concept that concert promoters and our creative team came up with to help raise awareness and funds for our firefighters. If you live in the area, you will be seeing posters pop up around town to support this important cause. The helmet that is being raffled will be autographed by the performers at the Cape Blanco Music Festival so it is without-a-doubt one-of-a-kind!

The second of a pair of posters designed to promote fundraising for fire safety

We’re thrilled we had the opportunity to work on this campaign for our local heroes and we hope the campaign will be a wonderful success – A video about the fundraising event is in the works to be produced on-site at #rdcHQ.

Stay Tuned – :-)

Gegenschein Time Capsule
Design Notes #351100

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We are making steady progress on our Gegenschein TIme Capsule Project. We’ll have many announcements regarding the project in the coming months, so stay tuned! We’re pushing back our internal Pre-Alpha deadline to the end of the year given our current schedule. The evolving contents will be on display in our street level gallery throughout 2015 so drop by Point.B Studio and check it out!

Tentative design for Time Capsule Etching shown above

We’re also catching up on the scanning backlog for Port Orford Historical Photos. We have a collection of old postcards that we’ll be adding to the archive, many that we have never seen before. Watch this space for updates!

Gegenschein Time Capsule
Progress #351100

A Time Capsule Update From #rdcHQ! As is customary at Rural Design Collective Headquarters, things really start hopping as the season gets going … and in this case, quite literally, growing! A wonderful new time capsule addition has been contributed by artist Nathan Malamud and he has written an impressive score to his original composition “I Liberate Thee” using the open source program musescore. It is an impressive piece of work and we are privileged to have it included in our Gegenschein Time Capsule.

I Liberate Thee [ SCORE ] by Nathan Malamud. Cameo bark by ada-pug.

"I Liberate Thee" by Nathan Malamud

We’ll be imaging this work to mylar for inclusion in the time capsule as well as preserving a recording of the work. We’re hoping that the digital format we choose will be compatible with technology 100 years from now!

Happenings at RDC
Headquarters #351100

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We’re having an excellent time this summer at Rural Design Collective Headquarters. Most notably, we’re working on the Gegenschein Time Capsule project which is now tentatively scheduled for an end of the year installation. This evolving project is currently on display in the street level gallery at Point.B along with our 351-Centennial exhibit. Scenes from last weekend’s Port Orford Jubilee and the Art Walk are below – a great time was had by all! You can see more photos of the #351100 exhibit in progress here.

We have independent study and ongoing projects in the works and will be making new additions to Port Orford Historical Photos which was offline for a brief hiatus when we upgraded our network. Stay tuned for more announcements on projects and happenings from #rdcHQ! :-)

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