Now Showing ~ “4th of July or Bust” and “4th of July Parade in Port Orford, OR”

ADDED JULY 7 2014: Nathan Malamud and Quince N. star in their self-directed skit “4th of July or Bust” at the Community Appreciation Event during the Port Orford Jubilee in front of The All New #rdcHQ
ADDED JULY 6 2014: A view from the #rdcHQ crow’s nest at Point.B Studio during the 4th of July Parade in Port Orford, OR. The strong Port Orford winds give the camera a tumble at the end of the video.

The Home Movie Archive

The Rural Design Collective – as seen at Libre Graphics 2010
Unpacking The Bookmobile – at the previous Rural Design Headquarters (2005 – 2013)
Gleaming Medium – lampstealing our Philips Hue bulbs at Rural Design Collective Headquarters.
hello world – Testing the lights in the downstairs gallery at Point.B Studio. All Systems Go!
The Power of Vectors – An SVG -vs- JPG Demonstration by Nathan Malamud of #rdcHQ + Cobwebs Crew
Camera Shy – Nobody wants to get in front of the camera at #rdcHQ
Spring Thing – Celebrating 10 Years of Point.B Studio
Earth Day PHS – The students of Pacific High School celebrate Earth Day 2013.
countune + ISS (Installation / Part Two) – behind the scenes setting up the gallery

Levi and Scotty at Point.B
Getting started with the XO
RDC tv.outtakes (by Nate)
(More movies coming soon … in the meantime, enjoy MechaPhilo, Project Chicken, and Where is the Bookmobile)