2013 Project Lead, The Beginning of the Sustainable World
2013 Project Lead, Cobwebs, The Animated Series
2013 Mentee, Codes of the World (SVG and MathML)

Nathan David Malamud is the official videographer at the Rural Design Collective, where he documents the antics of the team with his trusty Flip video camera. He is also working on an independent project called YouGood at his own site where he is learning web and video production basics. He is also an accomplished musician and performing artist with New Artists Productions.

Galactic Conquest Trailer – A new screenplay and trailer by Nathan David Malamud at his newly redesigned website, YouGood! [v2] … #rdcHQ

Cover Mockups


Nate Malamud (Junior member of the RDC) created a cover mockup for “Reading and Leading with Sugar” (The snake was Extra Credit).

YouGood (beta) – Work in Progress

(Nate’s working on a top secret new project!)