MathML for Title 24

A sampling of equations in the 2011 MathML Track at #rdcHQ
and a handy chart for MathML support in modern browsers.
MathML Project Team: Jasper Shumaker-Pruitt (MathML) and Rebecca Hargrave Malamud (a.k.a. webchickbot)

MathML 3.0 is a relatively new W3C standard markup language and the Rural Design Collective is going to have an opportunity to put a lot of theory into practice by marking up a set of equations for a real-world document set. Both presentation and content will be addressed in an effort to make our final work as accessible as possible. And we’ll have the opportunity to use new technologies that bring typographically and semantically correct math equations to the masses via modern browsers. It’s going to be fun!

Production Schedule – Last update 06/21/11
NOTE: This schedule is a framework to keep #rdcHQ focused on learning and meeting deliverables. It is updated to reflect weekly progress after each meetup.
June 13 – Open RDC Planning Session (Production Schedule Draft)
June 21Review W3C MathML Spec (JSP, RHM) / MathML Editor Comparison / Meetup Post: MathML Baby Steps
June 28EASYOrganize Equations (JSP) / MathML basics / Meetup Post: Coding and MathML Metaphysics
July 5EASY – MathML Fundamentals / Presentation Overview / Meetup Post: MathML News
July 12MEDIUM – Presentation Considerations (MathJax / EPUB3) / Meetup Post: We <3 MathJax + Next Steps
July 19MEDIUM – General Layout Schemata / Token Elements / Script and Limit / Tabular Math / Meetup Post: Presentation Elements
July 26DIFFICULT – Cross-browser Rendering (Implementation) / (Overview / XML Entities) / Meetup Post: MathML → SVG Conversion (SVGMath)
Aug 2DIFFICULT – Content MathML Assessment / Accessibility / Meetup Post: MathML Track – Accessibility++
Aug 9DIFFICULT – Connecting The Code / Annotations / Meetup Post: MathML Track – Connecting The Code
Aug 16DOCUMENTATION – Framework / Research / Content Development / Meetup Post: Documentation (CodeName: MathML 4t24)
Aug 23DOCUMENTATION – Content Development / Examples / Screen Readers / Meetup Post: MathML (and Zoo) Adventures!
Aug 30DOCUMENTATION – Content Development / Publish Equations / Meetup Post: #rdcHQ MathML Track – Post-Production Begins!
Sept 3Rural Design Collective Launch Party … Post-Production continues through 2011 – See Update 1 and Update 2