Vector Art for California Code of
Regulations (CCR)

SVG Project Team: Levi Thompson (SVG Project Lead) and webchickbot

The Rural Design Collective will be improving the public domain and the accessibility of a vital document set by creating SVG renditions of the illustrations used in the California Code of Regulations (CCR). There are several thousand images in the collection, including charts, diagrams, illustrations, maps, tables, forms and other content types. Production techniques and methodologies for all content types in this document set will be explored in this track. Download this page as a PDF

Production Schedule – Last update 09/10/12
NOTE: NOTE: This schedule is a framework to keep #rdcHQ focused on learning and meeting deliverables. It is updated to reflect weekly progress each meetup.
June 6 – Open RDC Planning Session (Production Schedule Draft) — Meetup Post: #rdcHQ deBUG Days Begin!
June 11Introduction to Codes of the World Project / Software Upgrades / Production Methodologies — Meetup Post: Getting Busy at #rdcHQ
June 18EASY – Vector Art Basics / Overview of Inkscape ( Group 1 – Basic Lines ) — Meetup Post: Basic Lines
June 25EASY – Vector Art Basics / Overview of Inkscape ( Group 2 + Group 10 = Interpolate ) — Meetup Post: Crosshatch and Grids
July 2MEDIUM – Typographic Controls and Layers / Simple Schematics ( Group 3 – Diagrams I ) — Meetup Post: Working with Text
July 9MEDIUM – Building and Using Graphic Libraries ( Group 2 – Crosshatch AND Group 9 – Textures ) — Meetup Post: Working with Graphic Libraries
July 16MEDIUM – Maintaining Visual Consistency (Group 9 – Textures AND Group 4 – Diagrams II ) — Meetup Post: Patterns and Blends
July 23MEDIUM – Leveraging the Internet ( Group 4 – Diagrams II and Group 6 – Landscapes) — Meetup Post: Mid-Program Status Report
July 30DIFFICULT – Working with Paths and Blends Effectively ( Group 7 – Blends + Group 5 – Diagrams III ) — Meetup Post: Coding + Crosshatch
Aug 6DIFFICULT – Preparing Production Ready Art with Open Source Tools / Working with Auto-Trace ( Maps ) — Meetup Post: #rdcHQ SVG Update
Aug 13DIFFICULT – Working with Existing Art ( Group 8 – Perspective AND Group 5 – Diagrams III ) — Meetup Post: SVG Update – Diagrams III
Aug 20ADVANCED – Lab Week ( Group 8 – Perspective AND Group 5 – Diagrams III ) – Announcement: #rdcHQ Launch Party and {~beaux libre*}
Aug 27ADVANCED – Building Complex Maps and Schematics ( Group 5 – Diagrams III) – Meetup Post: #rdcHQ SVG Track – Post-Production Phase
Sept 2 – Rural Design Collective Launch Party and Labor Day Art Show – “beaux libre”
POST-PRODUCTION BEGINS – Document Generation / Post-processing of all document objects

#rdcHQ Useful Links

We’ll be collecting useful links for the SVG Team here throughout the course of the program:

Rural Design Collective – Summary of week events posted weekly or more frequently as tracks progress – check our Skype channel for updates.

#rdcHQ Resource Library - Our graphic libraries will be posted mid-program (July 9).

Inkscape Tutorials – See also for a general intro … #rdcHQ tutorials specific to our SVG Track are listed below.

  1. Strokes and Compound Paths
  2. Autosave, Duplicate and Move
  3. Typography 101 and Layers
  4. Break Apart and Exclude
  5. Interpolate and Tiled Clones
  6. Working with Paths Effectively