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It’s Oregon Coast Film
Festival Time! <3 <3 <3

It’s that time of the year again … time for The Oregon Coast Film Festival! We’ve been busy, busy, busy at #rdcHQ but nothing can keep us from the Premiere Film Festival on the Oregon coast! This year there is an amazing lineup featuring top filmmakers and video artists in the area. If you are in the vicinity of The Sprague Theater in Bandon, OR, don’t miss it! More details are available at the Oregon Coast Film Festival website.

We’re pleased to announce that two films created this summer during our program made Friday’s playlist – “A Trip To Washington DC” and “Earth Day 2015.”

We’re also thrilled to see Pacific High School on the Best of Festival Playlist for Saturday Evening – “More Than Just Being Nice” directed by Nathan Malamud will have it’s first public screening at the event! Woo Hoo! :)

RDC Home Movies! +1

MileMarker 36: Understanding The Symbols

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We have been so busy in our Codes of the World track that there has been little time to create tutorial videos … however, we are pleased to announce that Nathan Malamud has created his third video in his MathML tutorial series: “Understanding Operators and Symbols.”

The word from the editing room is that a fourth episode is most definitely planned and eventually the videos will be compiled into a larger film to give folks a better idea of all of the cool things that happen at Rural Design Collective Headquarters (#rdcHQ). It is impossible to keep tabs on it all – but we most certainly try!

MileMarker 37: Create A Limited Edition Poster! :-)

In other MathML news – we will be creating a limited edition run of our MathML Poster for our Rural Design Collective Launch Party happening Labor Day Weekend.

{~beaux libre*} MathML Poster by Rebecca Hargrave Malamud and the The Rural Design Collective

We’ll have a lot to celebrate … Stay Tuned!

“The Beginning of the
Sustainable World!”

Big #rdcHQ News: The WWW Premiere Launches!

At long last, “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” WWW Premiere is here! This is our first full-length RDC Home Movie and we truly learned a lot about video editing and what is involved in organizing a community event such as this.

Click to launch “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” in #rdcHQ Theatre!

The presentation runs approximately two hours — view it in segments as time permits or make some popcorn and have a public screening in your area! Our goal was to capture the feel of what transpired that evening on December 21, 2012 to the best of our ability. Many folks involved with this event envision a full weekend with panels, tracks and other ways to educate and take action on matters of sustainability.

Behind The Scenes: Kudos and Credits

This premiere has been months in the making, and we would like to thank our performers, collaborators, audience and screeners who provided valuable feedback … and everyone else who made this a historic event!

We want to specifically thank PortOrford.TV, Sustainable Man, Green Fire Productions and The Seattle Channel for giving us permission to use the video on the web as it was presented at the event. We would also like to thank Port Orford Community Co-op who presented at our forum, and we will be working on a follow-up movie to highlight their efforts at a later date. And, of course, we couldn’t have done it without the crew at the Savoy Theatre, our editor, and the artists who shared their talents with us that evening.

Behind The Scenes: Navigation Hints

In the video player user interface, We have provided a menu to aid in navigation which lists all of the videos with their beginning time stamp so you can start watching at any point in a given segment. Unfortunately, we were unable to link the menu to the appropriate spot in the video due to limitations with the wonderful embeddable player at Vimeo. There is an API available for this and open source code at github, but we were unable to get it to work reliably cross-browser so we opted to launch without it. NOTE: When we or someone else finds a fix for this, we’ll update our codebase!

If you want to access an individual segment with active timestamps, we have provided links to the video files on Vimeo below for your convenience.

Segment One
      “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” — 12.21.12 — Introduction
Segment Two
      “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” — 12.21.12 — Part One (Environment)
Segment Three
      “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” — 12.21.12 — Part Two (Society)
Segment Four
      “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” — 12.21.12 — Part Three (Economy)
Segment Five
      “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” — 12.21.12 — Tree Gifting

“Stay Tuned!”

We’ll be updating the Resource Library section of our web site with information and links on how you can start an event like this in your own community … Stay Tuned! :-)

#rdcHQ Codes of the World

Checkpoint: Improving the Art of Eurocode.en

This week at #rdcHQ - we improved the art in 21 documents for EuroCode.en in our Codes of the World 2013 Track. This update to our codebase builds upon our first checkpoint where nearly 1000 graphics were added to the repository at the end of 2012. As of February 2, we now have 1957 total SVGs completed (MathML and diagrams combined) and more in the queue this month. Our goal is to have substantially all of EuroCode.en completed by Spring and we are well on our way.

Next Up: RDC Home Movies!

This month in our #deBUG Open Lab, we’ll be spending time in the editing room putting the finishing touches on The Beginning of the Sustainable World for our web release. There is a lot of work to do to incorporate the feedback we have received, get the proper permissions, and remix the movie to include video taken at the event.

Go, #rdcHQ, Go!

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