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The Robosmart API


RoboSmart is an energy-efficient Bluetooth enabled led light bulb that can be controlled by smartphones.

Current functionality incorporated in the yet to be released API include -

RoboSmart bulbs turn off automatically when you leave the house or an area in the house using what is known as a “Walk Away Delay” feature. The Robosmart bulb senses when the Bluetooth connection is broken (a.k.a. iBeacon); alternatively it can sense when the controlling Bluetooth device is back in range.


Each RoboSmart bulb will associate with a smartphone or tablet that is in range. An app can be paired by entering the passkey provided with your bulb (See "Security").

If there are multiple smartphones present, any of them can access or control the bulbs, but only one smartphone can connect to the bulb at any time - so while one user is controlling the bulb, another user will be temporarily locked out until the first user has finished.

As the bulbs are controlled via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), there is no need to configure or setup WiFi routers, gateways or internet connections.

Remote Access

Robosmart bulbs can only be accessed when a Bluetooth (BLE) enabled device with a valid passkey is 240 feet in direct line of sight. The current RoboSmart signal can penetrate walls (approximately 2-4 depending on distance and composition).

The Protocol

Discovery and Authorization

The Robosmart light bulbs advertise UUID service on ff10 or ff20 (See Known advertisement fingerprints). Once discovered, additional commands can be sent to the bulb.


A node.js library for the Robosmart is available on github which provides a listing of known commands.

In more detail

The RoboSmart protocol today supports flashing or synchronization of the bulbs with hooks in place to pass color information to a color bulb.

RoboSmart states that they "will publish a RoboSmart Programmer's guide with detailed explanations of the services and characteristics available to be programmed and example source code of working applications for iOS, Android and Linux when the project is complete." (See "Notes")


Smartbotics Robosmart apps incorporate "Over the Air Download" which enables automatic upgrade of the bulb firmware via Bluetooth from your smartphone. This automated feature helps promote IoT security.

Authorization and Spoofing

Each RoboSmart bulb is shipped from the factory with a unique Passkey, which is a 6 digit number in the packaging of the bulb. Users require this Passkey, to perform any of the Advanced features of the bulb (such as Walk Away Delay). They can change the passkey as per their convenience. The settings of lighting can only be changed if the others know the passkey.

Privacy prevents non-paired apps from controlling the bulb without first entering the passkey. All bulbs in a given location can have the same passkey, and the security of your network is only as secure as the disclosure of your passkey.


Unlike the Philips Hue, Robosmart are dimmable white LED bulbs. The Robosmart is a Bluetooth LE device, and while there are other “smart” bulbs that claim to use Bluetooth LE the Robosmart is the only one—with the exception of Tabu’s Lumen—to implement it faithfully. At best the others should be regarded as “quasi-” Bluetooth.


As of this writing, there is no official Robosmart API (although, as noted, independent efforts are under development).

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