Greetings from #rdcHQ! Today, we conducted a little research into the accessibility space to support our documentation efforts. Using a plugin for Internet Explorer called MathPlayer from Design Science, we created audible renderings of Jasper’s equations! Cool!

The Sandbox Speaks!

Surprisingly, MathPlayer does not work with the MathJax CDN, which is unfortunate given all of the other features that MathJax supports based on the prior work of Design Science. Hopefully, support for audio renderings for equations in ALL browsers is on the horizon. And although SVG is supported in Internet Explorer 9, the equations that we transformed to the SVG format using SVGMath are not rendering in Microsoft’s latest web browser offering. More news soon.

In more productive MathML news – Jasper has 70 equations left to author before we beta-test the workflow that we have developed. We’ll be releasing this with our documentation at the Rural Design Collective Launch Party!

Zoo Adventures, Part II

In RDC Home Movie News, Nate has released Part II of Zoo Adventures! He worked with Friend of the Rural Design Collective and mentor Dave Wilhite of PortOrford.TV to finesse some of the earlier parts of the video in iMovie, so we are re-publishing Part I as well.

Zoo Adventures, Part III is coming … next week … stay tuned!