Infrastructure + OpenLab + The Internet of Things

Also in the queue for 2014 is continued work on The All New #rdcHQ. We’re developing a road map for 2014 as we continue to upgrade our new space and media lab, and as always we’ll share what we learn here. It promises to be an interesting adventure with a lot of opportunities for learning as we dive into the brave new world of The Internet of Things. In addition to our lighting project, we’ll install a smart thermostat, set up #thethingsystem on a Raspberry Pi, and program an Arduino Uno to help our Koubachi water our Christmas Cactus. :-)

Post Archive – Last update 08/28/14
Aug. 28 2014Lightmapping Success – The All New #rdcHQ is now fully outfitted with Internet-enabled LED bulbs just in time for our Fall Art Show!
June 6 2014#rdcHQ Lightmapping Update – LiFX, and an introduction to the RGB+W color model
May 8 2014#rdcHQ Lightmapping Update – Introducing the Lightmapping Lab … Please support the work of The Rural Design Collective
April 10 2014#rdcHQ Lightmapping : bulb pairing (Lampstealer – an excellent tool for unpairing WiFi-controllable bulbs)
April 3 2014#rdcHQ Lightmapping Update (Philips Hue A19 and BR30, Robosmart)
March 3 2014#rdcHQ Lightmapping (Introducing The Thing System)
Sept. 2 2013 – Really BIG news from #rdcHQ – The All New #rdcHQ! <3