Greetings from #rdcHQ! We are entering our Fall/Winter season at Rural Design Collective Headquarters and the final months of our 351-Centennial Celebration. Most of our Extra Credit work will be time capsule related as we ready for the alpha phase of our Gegenschein project. We received this 1895 map of the City of Port Orford which shows that our building was not in existence at that time. The 351-Building would be in the area highlighted in green — [ Best Viewed Large ]

“City of Port Orford Map – 1895″ courtesy of Port Orford Historical Photos
Tents at the future site of the 351-Building. Estimated date is roughly the same as map above.

We’ll also have news soon on work related to our recent collaboration with the Sixes River Firefighters and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. A video project is currently in production that provides a narrative on the event. It will soon be released on the redesigned Port Orford Community Stewardship Area website.

The new POCSA site is one of many projects that we are translating into a more responsive and accessible format for universal access on desktop and mobile devices. Look for many more upgrades in the months ahead … Stay tuned!