webchick Another update from #rdcHQ: MathML Track and SVG Track – We’re making good progress on integrating our summer work into the t24 document set. We’re staggering the release of the material of the MathML work to be on the same schedule as the SVG graphics which are still in production. We’re starting with an “alpha” release of the full document set by the end of the week, and moving into “beta” by the end of 2011. You can view our work in progress here. The majority of the work at this time is ensuring that the MathML equations parse correctly within PrinceXML 8.0 while generating the final document PDFs. So far, we have had success using the MathJax CDN, with our SVGMath equations as a fallback. It is very rewarding to see our work this summer begin to make a difference on this document set.

One such example of how much we are improving the art is below – Jasper’s equation is shown above the original JPG representation of the equation. Not only is it more pleasing to the eye (read: actually legible), but the code is now readable by machines (and even capable of audible renderings as we demonstrated at our Rural Design Collective Launch Party).

The next big step in functionality for this piece would be to write some of the more sophisticated equations in Content MathML so they could be used in mathematical software programs. All of our equations are written in Presentation MathML which is fine for this first stage – but it is fun to think of the possibilities!

WordPress Track – We are happy to announce that we are in technical support mode for New Artists Productions! At this time, all of our Kickstarter Rewards have been delivered, and the crew at NAP are successfully managing the site themselves (we especially like the new and improved slideshow on the home page!). We’ll be writing tutorials over the next few months for posterity – but for now, we are simply looking forward to the next New Artists Production: The Incan Princess!

AN UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: We’ll have a few more announcements regarding the status of our 2011 projects as we complete the document conversion phase. We’ll keep you posted through the usual channels … stay tuned :-)