webchick Greetings from #rdcHQ! A few updates on our various tracks – WordPress Track: Today we shipped out the majority of our Kickstarter rewards to our generous backers of our WordPress Track. We have a second shipment going out next week when we obtain some bumper-sticker sized envelopes :-) … so keep your eye on your mailbox if you are expecting a care package from us! We also completed coding the stage and are beginning to write the tutorials to support transition of the site to New Artists Productions. We have received several emails from individuals interested in the content of the tutorials (as well as any code patches) and are working on the first draft which will become part of our Resource Library. We will post a notice here when those tutorials are available.

MathML Track: We are converting Jasper’s equations from MathML to SVG and testing our workflow. We have 486 equations in the repository, and have successfully rendered a test page using PrinceXML 8.0, which is our target software for the next step in the workflow: HTML → PDF transformations of the t24 documents containing the equations. We are on schedule for alpha release of this track and supporting documentation by the end of September (with some expected iteration as we refine the document set).

UPDATE 09/16/11: All of the equations have been converted with only a small subset generating glyph errors – the cool news is, it is exactly the same errors we had before – which means the workflow works! Yeah!

The SVG Track is moving into a new phase of development – we’re breaking down the remaining graphics into what can be more easily rendered using HTML/CSS (which was outside of the scope of the summer program). Development on this track will continue until the end of the year … Stay tuned!