Busy days at #rdcHQ! This week in the SVG Track, we began work on Dimensional Diagrams and the team is building a simple library of symbols and repeatable elements that occur frequently in the Title 24 illustration set. For now, it includes simple items such as fractions and stylized arrowheads.

We are also searching to see if any useful libraries already exist, such as the collection of electrical symbols on Wikipedia shown below. We will be moving towards similar useful groupings in the weeks ahead and will be creating more libraries like this:

We also encountered two new techniques in Inkscape that are related the the Union technique, but necessary if the shapes created by the paths need to be shaded or filled with a color. The first is Path → Break Apart:

Once this has been applied, the interior paths are separate editable shapes. If a transparent background is required for the rest of the illustration, that can be accomplished with the Path → Exclude command: