Greetings from #rdcHQ! We are very pleased to announce the World Wide Web Premiere of “The Trip to Washington D.C.” featuring videography by Ben Garratt and Devon Richard, photography by David Wyatt, and video editing and production by Nathan Malamud.

Filming began early this summer with a Worldstrides trip to our Federal City in June with Robert Lemerande and his students from both Pacific High and Driftwood Middle School. The photodocumentary was primarily produced on-site at #rdcHQ with the movie crew working virtually. A screening of this movie as well as other projects in progress at our recently redubbed RDC R&D Lab will take place during the 351-Centennial at Point.B over Labor Day Weekend, September 5th from 2-5PM.

We’ll have more news about the 351-Centennial soon … Stay Tuned!