The telling of a few interesting and humorous incidents

Craggy Solar It Certainly Was NOT Paradise

by Ernest Weinberg, KSOR Listeners' Guild representative from northern California

A Trip to Canyon Mountain

by Richard Cusic, proprietor of Southwestern Mobile Communications and friend of KSOR

Surprise Encounters in the Middle of Nowhere

by John Patton, KSOR Engineer, 1976-1988

Gassy Creek Road June 2008

Kelly Creek Road, the preferred access to Scott Mountain, was closed due to a culvert washing out during a winter storm. Gassy Creek Road, a long and tedious alternative, was also closed until early May because of this rockslide. The slide had been difficult to clear because of the large size of the boulders and the fact that the ground was saturated and unstable from heavy rains. It is likely that the landslide will become active again during the next storm season.