Bandon City Park

Serving Bandon at 91.7 MHz

Location: the Bandon City Park (geographic coordinates and map).

Picture was taken in March 2008.

Geographic Coordinates

The coordinates recorded in the FCC Database define a location south of Bandon that is surrounded by Ocean Spray cranberry bogs. The translator was not installed in that area.

In 1982, the translator was installed at the western edge of the City Park in the municipal radio building (seen as a dot on the map). The new building, pictured above, replaced the old structure several years ago.

Terrain Unrecognizable

The location of the original radio building is easier to identify on the map than on the actual grounds. Walls have been torn down, the landscape has been reshaped, open countryside has been filled with houses and large buildings, and adjacent areas have been covered with asphalt. There is no sign or artifact of the original radio building.

Documents from the FCC Database

FCC Authorization 2008

Relative Field Polar Plot 2008

Initial License Grant 1982

Topographic Map
Bandon Quadrangle, U. S. Geological Survey


The Historic Municipal Radio Building
Geographic Coordinates: 43 06' 51"N, 124 25' 41"W (NAD27)
Antenna Height Above Mean Sea Level: 24 meters (80 feet)