What's New @ #rdcHQ

Date 09 June 2017

Annual Art Show + Launch Party = Spring Thing II

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We're getting ready for summer this year with SPRING THING II which will be coming to Point.B Studio on June 21. Historically we have had our art shows in the Fall with a launch party showcasing the projects we have been working on all summer at #rdcHQ. This year, we have decided to reverse-engineer our program by having the art show first! We are certain that much inspiration will be derived from the exhibits that are planned for SPRING THING II.

One exhibit already installed in the street level gallery is Stephen Malinowski's magnificent Music Animation Machine. We'll be exploring the work in-depth, beginning with a preview of the work using Ultrachrome 3D glasses. Ultrachrome is different from the more familiar Anaglyph 3D imagery that composites three overlays through special glasses outfitted with a red and blue filtered lens. Chromadepth incorporates all of the colors of the rainbow spectrum (ROYGBIV) and layers them so that red appears closest to the viewer and violet appears the furthest. It is a beautiful and informative effect that visually describes the intricate and layered structure of music.

Ultrachrome 3D

New Projects + Projects in Progress

We'll also be pitching in on some of our favorite projects as well. We have many new works to add to the Port Orford Historical Photos collection and have a substantial upgrade in the queue for that site (more on that soon). We've been providing assistance on the Champion Tree Project in the Port Orford Community Stewardship Area with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive and the Port Orford Rotary, and are busy, busy, busy with a couple of community movie projects to be announced. And in our copious spare time , we are migrating and upgrading several of our websites to new digs — as one example, check out the new design for our friends at the Sixes River Fire Department. We made the interface clean and simple to keep their district readily informed and make it easy to add new content sections to the site in the years to come.

We're excited for what's in store this summer. Stay tuned to our site for more news from the Rural Design Collective!