About The Studio

Point.B Studio is an art gallery and Internet design studio located in the town of Port Orford, a picturesque fishing village and artist community on the southern Oregon coast. Celebrating its ~20th year, the gallery highlights artists who incorporate some aspect of the Internet in their work, and explores where art, traditional design and new media intersect through onsite and online exhibits. 🎨 💭

For more about our gallery and exhibiting artists, please visit our people page 🔗

Peeps Montage Two Scenes from LIFELINES at Point.B Studio. (Bottom Left: Drone footage of our location).

You can view our design work at:

PS. We are looking for new projects! Contact us!

About The Website

This sandbox is a work-in-progress experiment to catalogue our 35+ years of internet design work. We will begin with adding detailed pages outlining our most recent projects first and add additional project pages over time. Thank you for your interest.

The new site is built entirely in Markdown using a rapid deployment framework affectionately called Hugo. We decided to use it for our “Design Sandbox” due to its flexible structure and extensible framework and quite frankly we are weary of all of the security issues involved with other popular CMS platforms. Because this is a static website, much like good old-fashioned HTML and CSS, it isn’t prone to all of the problems with malicious hacking and continuous upgrades. We love learning and working in smart new technologies vis-a-vis The Rural Design Collective in its heyday. 🔗

Point.B Studio The 351-Building Centennial Poster. 🏠 🏡

About 351 6th Street

Point.B Studio’s home is a historic building situated right in the of Old Town Port Orford. We’re working on documenting the history of the building. You can read more about that here: http://sixes.net/point.b/351.html 🔗

Birds Eye View of the Street Level Gallery ABOVE: A Bird’s Eye View of the Street Level Gallery. See also: http://sixes.net/bugs.eye.view.jpg 🐛 😃 (Sterographic image by Nathan Malamud.)

The Point.B Studio Building gets a makeover in 2016. Nathan Malamud on piano. 🎹