Point.B Studio

Point.B Studio
351 6th Street, Port Orford, OR 97465.
Phone: 541-366-2036.

Our street level gallery is OPEN (please knock loudly or ring doorbell) although still under renovations, while our upstairs studio is open by appointment only. Our garden is open during the Spring and Summer months during designated art events.

Please call 541-366-2036 to set up an appointment to inquire about current art in our gallery or to discuss your design project.

Darren Installing Art Darren Evans installing art in the Point.B Studio Garden for an ART WALK in 2021 🎨

Nathan Performing Nathan Malamud performs in the Point.B Studio Garden for an ART WALK in 2021 🎹

Street Level Gallery The Street Level Gallery at Point.B Studio featuring four instantiations of wind map [], "Seed Annual" by Rebecca Malamud-Evans [], "Shape of Language" by William Paul Gaetjens [], and "Earth" by Cameron Beccario []. 🌬

We are located in historic Triangle Square on 351 6th Street in Port Orford, OR. — As noted above, our street level gallery is currently open. We are happy to arrange virtual viewings of our collections as well. 🏠

Historic Triangle Square Historic Triangle Square during a rare double rainbow event (May 02 2020). 🌈 🌈

Creative Services

We offer a broad range of art and design services quoted on a per-project basis (including, but not limited to, fine art prints, scanning and reproduction, photo retouching, creative direction, art direction, graphic design/production, web design/production, book design/production, print design/production, logo design, photography, videography, typography, signage, etc., etc.).

In short, we possess every skill necessary to see your project through to completion, and if we can’t do it based on work load, we know the pros who can. Send an overview of your project to, or call us at 541-366-2036 to hire us for your next design project.

Peeps Montage Three Aiden and Nate performing at the LIFELINES exhibit at Point.B Studio. [TIMELAPSE] 🎬