Building Restoration by Darren Evans

Darren Evans is available to work on custom building restorations. See his historical archive for select projects.

351-Building Case Study
351-Building Case Study
351-Building Case Study
351-Building Case Study

Featured Project — 351-Building (Road Trip)

Darren Evans led the restoration effort at Point.B Studio which involved reconstructing the soffits, eaves and corbels to match the existing architecture of a 100-year old building in historic Triangle Square in Port Orford, the oldest townsite on the Oregon Coast. This involved hand-fitting tongue-and-groove cedar planks on a three-story scaffold, matching paint colors to the facade from an earlier restoration effort, and hand-crafting elements of the building due to changes in standard building materials. Select video from the project is available below.

351-Building / Soffit Installation
351-Building / Camera Fail
351-Building / Soffit Installation [REALTIME]
351-Building / Darren-Cam #001
351-Building / Raise The Roof, Raise The Rent
351-Building / The First Movement
351-Building / Michael's Epic Job
351-Building / The Great Planter Project