Limited edition works by world class artists represented by Point.B Studio and our esteemed guest artists.
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Earth by Cameron Beccario. Available in three variations: Antartica, Jetstream and Blue Marble.

Inkblots by Martin Wattenberg. The endless edition featuring the original bewitched inkblot.

More Love Now. The electrifying fine art prints of Tullio Francesco DeSantis.

wind map by Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda ViƩgas. Available in limited and bespoke editions.

visual inventions by Martin Wattenberg. Custom pairings of musical compositions.

rarebirdart by Lois Miller. Bespoke edition of the artists' incredible collection of bird photography.

memes by William Paul Gaetjens. Print interpretations of the artists' oils and pastels.

waypoints by Rebecca Hargrave Malamud. Vectorized visions of nature.

avatars by Levi Thompson. Hand-crafted heroines. Limited edition of 10.

countune by Gerd Jansen. The Neverending Edition.
Create your own countune at countune.com.

moon shot by Lois Miller. Tribute to Neil Armstrong. {~beaux libre*} limited edition of 10.

Postscript Poetry by David Victor Feldman. Lightbox interpretations and more.
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{~beaux libre*} is an imprint of Point.B Studio.
Works are copyright of the individual artists.