Cast Log

Benjamin Garratt

Ben joined Cobwebs during the second year of production. He lives with his mom, dad, sister and little brother. He enjoys Legos, Minecraft, Harry Potter books, and hanging out with friends. He created the Waterling and Scales, and is a vital part of the website team.

Tyler Mendell

Tyler is one of the key animators in the Cobwebs Project. He took up the job of animating and started making animations right away. He takes on any challenge in his path, and does an awesome job on it too.

Devon Richard

Devon likes to play videogames, animate, and hang out with his buddies. He supervises revisions to the script and is a lead website coder!

Evelyn Jennings

Evelyn has been in Cobwebs since the beginning. She likes reading, drawing, playing videogames, social media, music, Minecraft, marine biology, hanging out with friends, and of course... One Direction! She knows how to play several different instruments (Clarinet, Piano, and Electric bass guitar). She is very creative and is responsible for many of the original Cobwebs characters and the Cobwebs website graphic design.

Gabriella McCutcheon

Gabby likes to mess around on the keyboard, read, animate, and read ... ALOT! She is a prized illustrator in the Cobwebs Crew and created many key frames in "Cobwebs - The Movie - Part One" as well as created the groovy animated spider on the Cobwebs home page.

Jerry McManus

Jerry leads the Cobwebs animation group and is teaching the Cobwebs Crew how to do amazing things in 3D and Blender.

Kelsey Brokaw

Kelsey loves to play Minecraft and Pokemon and currently works remotely with the Cobwebs Crew. He is a flautist and produces original musical soundtracks for Cobwebs, and he also produces his own music CDs. He is in charge of Cobwebs Cards production and is also the voice of TJ!

Nathan Malamud

Nate is the creator and director of Cobwebs. He wrote the script, br. If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be on this website right now! He loves animating, drawing, playing computer games, singing, playing several different instruments, composing music, hanging out with friends, and of course making friends with his favorite type of animal: Pugs.

Quince Nye

Quince enjoys climbing trees and outdoor stuff. He plays the piano, and likes to hang out with his buddies. He is part of the animation team and is learning how to use Blender for the next generation of Cobwebs, and also plays the voice of George.

Rebecca Malamud

Becky is Nate's Mom and the Fearless Leader of the Rural Design Collective.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Colton Keeler, Bill Gaejtians, Donna Roselius, David Willhite, Leila Cassel, Albert Self II, and Carl Malamud for also helping out with the Cobwebs Project.