2015 Cobwebs Crew Lineup

Cobwebs is an animated series being produced by a really cool creative group of kids. They are writing the script, creating the music, drawing the art and producing the movie all on-site at #rdcHQ. Periodic screenings of “Cobwebs — The Animated Series” will take place at Rural Design Collective Headquarters as work progresses – the links below are what the Cobwebs Crew accomplished last year ↓

Check out the Cobwebs website or the #rdcHQ project page for more info about Cobwebs!

Updates from the Cobwebs Crew – Last update 04/14/15
Nov 02 2014Cobwebs Wins “Best of Festival – Student Film” – To The Oregon Coast Film Festival and beyond!
Sept 05 2014Congratulations to the Cobwebs Crew – Another successful season at the Rural Design Collective Headquarters
Aug 17 2014Cobwebs Open Lab Scenes – See the amazing Cobwebs Crew in action.
Aug 15 2014Cobwebs The Movie: Production Techniques – An update from the animators on the final cut of the movie.
Aug 14 2014HTML 101: Image Maps – Learning GIMP to create image maps on our home page spider graphic.
Aug 10 2014Cobwebs Code: Body Tags – The Crew learns HTML body tags to code the website.
Aug 10 2014Cobwebs OpenLab Success! – Hexy the Hexapod is near completion for National Maker Day!
Aug 01 2014Cobwebs Code HTML 101 – Take a look at the structure behind the code that makes up the new Cobwebs Website.
July 27 2014Cobwebs Website Redesign – The Crew begins work on all of the design elements and layout of the new site.
July 07 2014Independence Day @ 351 – We interrupt our regular program for a 4th of July Celebration!
July 23 2014Cobwebs Crew OpenLab – The Cobwebs Blender Artists are building backgrounds and learning how to animate 3D objects.
May 29 2014Cobwebs College Kickoff! – Cobwebs College and Part Three Begins June 7 2014
April 02 2014Cobwebs Crew News – The Cobwebs Crew is working steadily towards their first 2014 milestone.
Feb 07 20142014 Projects Announced! – Our keynote project this year is “Cobwebs — The Movie” and we’re jazzed!
Jan 19 2014rdcHQ Winter Season 2014 – Work on “Cobwebs – The Movie” has begun after a series of planning sessions.