Artist. Animator. Actor. Filmmaker. Director. Musician. Songwriter. Composer.

2016, Digital Artist, 351-Building (Codename: Lovelace)
2012-2016, Videography, POCSA and Sixes River Fire (Win This Helmet)
2012-2014, Project Lead, Cobwebs, The Animated Series

Nathan David Malamud is the official videographer at the Rural Design Collective where he hones his unique blend of web, animation and video art. He is also our resident CAD engineer and builds custom-designed parts for his high school robotics team using Google Sketchup. An accomplished musician, actor and performing artist, he appears regularly at Roaring Sea Arts Open House and with New Artists Productions. Learn more about his accomplishments at Point.B Studio.

Be sure to check out The Beginning of the Sustainable World for Nate’s big video editing debut at Savoy Theater in Port Orford in 2012!

351-Building (2016)

Movie:The All New rdcHQ TimelapseStatus: Active
Project Description: We’re creating a 3D model of our studio while work in progress occurs on the 351-Building itself. There are a whole lot of cool tools and technologies to learn along the way and it is going to be fun! Stay tuned … and watch for updates along the way on our new project!
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio
Development Team Members: Nathan Malamud, Rebecca Malamud

Win This Helmet (2015)

Win This Helmet
Project URL:Beta Release (2015) Status: Active
Project Description: We lent our local fire department a helping hand at The Cape Blanco Country Music Festival with “WIN THIS HELMET”, a fundraising campaign where a SRFPD helmet signed by the performers was raffled off at the event.
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio
Development Team Members: Nathan Malamud, Rebecca Malamud

Cobwebs (2012-2014)

Site URL:Cobwebs – The Animated SeriesCompleted
Project Description: Nathan Malamud is the Director of “Cobwebs – The Movie,” an animated series being produced by a really cool creative group of kids. They are writing the script, creating the music, drawing the art and producing the movie all on-site at #rdcHQ. “Cobwebs” won “Best of Festival – Student Film” at The Oregon Coast Film Festival in 2013 as well as 2014. A Director’s Cut of the full movie is scheduled for release in 2015.
Development Team Members: The Cobwebs Crew!

Sustainable World (2012)

Movie:The Beginning of the Sustainable WorldCompleted
Project Description: Nathan Malamud edited the film “The Beginning of the Sustainable World” which debuted at the Savoy Theatre in Port Orford, OR on 12-21-12. This involved learning many tools integral to video editing such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro, as well as the creative nuances of film production. He also worked behind the scenes at the movie theater during the screening and provided musical entertainment during the intermission.
Development Team Members: Nathan Malamud, Rebecca Malamud

Galactic Conquest – Concept Presentation (2012)

Galactic Conquest Trailer – A screenplay and trailer created in 2012 by Nathan David Malamud at his redesigned website, YouGood! [v2]

Graphic Art and Logo Design

In addition to the original art featured in Cobwebs – The Movie, Nathan creates original graphic art for other initiatives:

Google Doodle for Driftwood Middle School Contest in 2014
Catalystic Pirate Concept for PHS Robotics Team in 2014
Nathan’s starburst RDC logo in the identity campaign for our 2011 Kickstarter campaign.
“‘Round The Web in 80 Days” badge for CotW 2013

RDC Home Movies … And Beyond! ++

Nate has been creating RDC Home Movies since the Rural Design Collective first began in 2006. This is a small sampling of his recent creative work for the Rural Design Collective and his favorite schools, Driftwood Middle School and Pacific High School.

A promo for Cobwebs Cards and Cobwebs – The Movie (2014).
A tutorial video created for the Codes of the World Track (2013).
Earth Day PHS – A Home Movie for Nate’s High School (2013).
A home movie created for The Driftwood School Robotics Team (2014).