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Personalized collateral pieces (print and digital) that announce events or help tell the unique stories behind our client's mission. CBHS Slide Deck

CLIENT: Cape Blanco Heritage Society. We created a unique look that meshed perfectly with CBHS's mission and new website, also created by Point.B Studio.

ABOVE: Two frame panorama created for slide deck using historical photos of the area.

BELOW: An update on CBHS's quarterly newsletter, flyers for their 100/150 Celebration Event in cooperation with Oregon State Parks, and mini-tour brochures. CBHS Newsletter CBHS Mini-Tour Booklet

CLIENT: The Thing System. This Internet start-up pioneered the Internet-of-Things space, creating an open source toolkit for power users with automated homes to take control of their things. Point.B Studio created the interface for the steward toolkit (including a visual programming language), as well as the website, slide decks and all supporting collateral.

Thing System Slide Deck Thing System Web Interface

CLIENT: Invisible Worlds. Cover art for online publication building early search engine (pre-Google!) for the Internet. Archive website online here.

Mappa Mundi Covers

CLIENT: Big Sky Bread Company. Press kit folder for a bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio. 4-color on recycled paper to accentuate natural colors in the cover photography. Received numerous awards for art direction and design.

Big Sky Bread Company

CLIENT: Hamilton Fixture. Press kit folder for a retail fixture company in Cincinnati, Ohio. 4-color plus metallic ink plus gloss varnish, blind emboss. Digital product illustrations.

Trade Show Folders

CLIENT: Duke University. The Duke Great Teacher Series of educational programs. Designed and produced logo, DVD inserts and supplemental materials promoting the series.

Duke Great Teacher Series

CLIENT: Purina. Editorial Design and Illustration for publication underscoring Purina's commitment to canine breeding and animal health. This project was in the late 80s and the entire method of publication, using mechanical paste-up boards, was digitized using early Macintosh computers.

text text text text

CLIENT: Internet Multicasting Service. The First Internet's Worlds Fair was designed by Rebecca Malamud-Evans. In addition to creating one of the longest running sites on the Internet, she designed a wealth of print materials (even a book about the fair) including this brochure which represented a program had the event been held in the real world (it was distributed as part of a press kit announcing the event). It was an interesting project with participation by artists (e.g. Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson) and engineers all over the globe. Many of the design elements used in the print materials were repurposed as web graphics for the online pavilions.

Worlds Fair Program Worlds Fair Program - Poster Insert

A sample of press kit pages are available for download here.

CLIENT: Public.Resource.Org. Point.B Studio was commissioned to create art from public domain seed packets. The posters are the art and below are a few supporting materials created for the client.

Increase and Diffusion of Mocha Increase and Diffusion of Mocha Increase and Diffusion of Mocha Increase and Diffusion of Mocha Ad

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