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The initial Open Library logo for the Internet Archive was programmed to work with i18n translation. This means that the correct translation would be presented to the website visitor based on the country they were located in (IP address) or determined by their profile settings. Logo

BELOW: Providing style guides is part of any well-rounded identity campaign. Click on logos for more information about the projects they were created for.

Law.Gov Logo Law.Gov Logo IASL and PRO Logo

BELOW: We often translate logos to vector versions like this recent design upgrade for the Port Orford Lifeboat Station.

Port Orford Lifeboat Station Logo Hughes House and Ranch

ABOVE: A new mark for the Hughes House and Ranch created for a donation box for the historic museum. View the finished box here: top and front.

CBHS and POCSA Logos

ABOVE: Mark for the Cape Blanco Heritage Society (left) and two for the Beginning of the Sustainable World project (right).

Sixes River Fire Mark

ABOVE: Our mark for the Sixes River Fire Department even made a guest appearance with actor Gary Sinise!

BELOW: Mark for Change Congress.

Change Congress Logo

BELOW: A mark for the Watchdog identity campaign.

Watchdog Logo SEE ALSO: Typography