Music-related design projects are a favorite at the studio, and we try to combine these creative elements whenever possible.

Calligraphy Illuminations

Artist Darren Evans created these beautiful musical works of art for Hotel Pattee in 1996. On the left is calligraphy and illumination of the Welsh National Anthem, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, and on the right is a detail of The Men of Harlach. Murals are one of the multi-talented artist's specialities, and you can learn more about this project at DarrenEvans.Art. Hotel Pattee Murals

CD Design & Production

Rebecca Malamud-Evans has considerable experience in designing collateral and product for music endeavors. UNT Symphony UNT Symphony UNT Symphony

CLIENT (ABOVE): UNT Symphony. Designed CD covers, liner notes, song listings and labels for Klavier working with Creative Marketing Solutions.

CLIENT (BELOW): UCC Symphony. Program for 1993 tour of Japan by University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. The design makes intelligent use of positive and negative space to present the translation.

UCC Symphony UCC Symphony

CLIENT (BELOW): Soulpie. Poster for the 2018 MUSIC in the Sculpture Garden at Hawthorne Gallery in Port Orford, Oregon. A fine art edition poster was signed in metallic silver ink by all members of the band on the day of the event. Point.B Studio's own Nathan Malamud, another multi-talented artist, was a member of the band and helped design the accompanying award-winning website, Soulpie.TV.

Soulpie Poster

Another interesting sidecar experiment from this Music + Design collaboration was a music visualization of one of the bandleaders original compositions which can be seen on Point.B.TV.

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