Sunrise, Sunset

Scenes from an art installation and building restoration event in the Point.B Studio street level gallery. This particular event features Nathan Malamud's photography from a research project in the Pacific Northwest. His beautiful photographs were displayed with a work-in-progress koi pond floor mural created by Darren Evans in the mural studio.

Sunrise, Sunset Sunrise, Sunset Sunrise, Sunset Sunrise, Sunset

More photographs at NathanMalamud.Net.

Living History Farms

Darren Evans was commissioned to paint three posters of The Flynn Barn originally built in 1871. These posters were used to describe the construction and use of the barn. He also illuminated a map of Living History Farms for the reception entryway and produced imagery for their 30th Anniversary Celebration.

The Flynn Barn — A Modern Barn The Flynn Barn — Detail The Flynn Barn — Detail

More of the artist's work can be seen at DarrenEvans.Art.

What Would Luther Burbank Do?

Rebecca Malamud-Evans was commissioned to create unique works of art from low resolution scans of vintage seed packets. Each seed packet used in the triptych was carefully restored, which involved removing stains, repairing tears and redrawing visual elements that were illegible or otherwise damaged. Once repaired, the improved art had to be composited at high resolution. The final art was realized as HDR prints which provides a much more vibrant display than the on-screen representation. The images restored by the studio were released into the public domain for others to remix, reuse, and enjoy.

What Would Luther Burbank Do — Poster 1 What Would Luther Burbank Do — Posters 2 and 3 What Would Luther Burbank Do — In Public

Music in the Garden

Scenes from a Socially-Distanced ARTWALK with Nathan Malamud on keyboard. Art installation by Darren Evans. Garden by the peeps.

Nathan and the ART WALL

Gegenschein Time Capsule

Programme from the Gegenschein Time Capsule Work-In-Progress exhibit. More photos to come. Stay tuned!

Gegenschein Time Capsule

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