Cape Blanco Light after the long-serving apparatus was exchanged for a more energy efficient LED in 2022. The part that was replaced and supporting historic documentation has been donated to the Cape Blanco Heritage Society archives thanks to docent Brian Zimmerman and our CBHS volunteers!

Help Save the Cape Blanco Lighthouse!

Direct monetary contributions are greatly appreciated, however, there is more than one way that you can help to save the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.

  • Volunteer favorite_on
    We need volunteers from all areas. Currently we are getting offers to forge cast iron and build roads. Do you have a special talent or skill? We need you even if it is just to spread the word! → Learn more.check
  • Write your government and business leaders. Write your BFF. Write your Moms and Dads.
    We started a letter-writing campaign in 2023. → You can help!check
  • Donate. Donate again. Ask people you know to donate.
    Every little bit, or even a lot, helps! $682,000 is not insurmountable. We are only trying to raise part of it in this phase. We can do it one step at a time! → Donate!check
  • Contact Stakeholders.
    Our partners need to know that our community cares. Send them a note! Our goal is to continue our collaboration. ↓ Scroll down to our FAQ below for more info.check
  • Contribute Art, Music & Ideas.
    Your creativity can help save our lighthouse! We are offering artisan-designed products as well as plan to have an auction and raffle in the future. We will also have more live events. Have an idea to Save Our Lighthouse? → Let us know! check
  • Become A Member. Ask people you know to become a member. Better yet, become a Lifetime Member.
    CBHS members are the heartbeat of our organization. → We need you!check

Frequently Asked Questions

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