The Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Photograph by Brian Zimmerman.

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Current Status : ENDANGERED

The tower of our Cape Blanco Lighthouse has been closed to tours since 2020. It is in dire need of structural repairs in order to re-open to the public. In September 2022, a group of preservation experts investigated our lighthouse and prepared an assessment as well as a ballpark amount of what it will take to repair the lighthouse to the point that the tower can re-open for tours.

  • Estimated total for repairs is:


In addition, the road to our lighthouse is deteriorating rapidly, and if we do not repair the road, people who need to access the lighthouse in order to repair it will not be able to do so. Note that the cost is to repair the tower only and does not include the road.

Our lighthouse is an important part of history. It holds five Oregon records:

  • It is the oldest continually operating light in Oregon.
  • It is the most westerly in Oregon.
  • It has the highest focal plane above the sea in Oregon (approx. 250 feet).
  • James Langlois has an unmatched tenure at any other West Coast lighthouse (46 years).
  • Oregon’s first woman keeper, Mabel E. Bretherton signed on in March 1903.
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It is difficult to imagine our area without the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. It adds a unique character and charm plus attracts visitors from all over the world every year. Every lighthouse is special and has its own story to tell and if we lose one we are losing an important part of our collective history. Are we just going to let it fall into disrepair or let it meet an uncertain fate? It's time we stepped up to Save Our Lighthouse. We thank everyone who has helped us so far, most notably our 2023 Volunteers who didn't give up in the face of adversity.

Support Our Cape Blanco Lighthouse!

Artists are stepping up to support our cause! Our first wave of donated art is available for purchase below. In addition, anyone can donate any amount directly to our fundraiser. Checks can be mailed to Cape Blanco Heritage Society, PO Box 1132, Port Orford, OR 97465. Please write "Save Our Lighthouse" in the check memo. Monetary donations can be made here. — Please note, this is just the beginning of our fundraiser, so bookmark this page for more art and news regarding “Save Our Lighthouse.”

Maritime Retro
Art Print

Designed by Charles Ziga of Ziga Media. A beautiful vector representation of our lighthouse from his annual calendar.

Prints are available through the artist's website and 50% of the proceeds benefit our fundraiser to "Save Our Lighthouse." In addition, our Cape Blanco Lighthouse appears in the 2024 Maritime Retro Calendar published by Ziga Media (click link to see 2024 calendar sample). favorite_onBUY ART PRINT

“Cape Blanco Lighthouse” Agate

Hand-painted agate by artist Kat Lubbecke. Kat creates these beautiful natural scenes from agates carved by her father who worked as a lapidary. Click to view art as framed.

Map Art Print

"Thirteenth L.H. District" art print of an antique Oregon lighthouse map donated by Erik Shapiro of the Port Orford Map Club. Currently on display at the Port Orford Community Coop (click to see original map as on display). Please contact us for full details.

Custom framed with preservation materials. The print is 11 3/4" x 16" (15" x 19" framed). Shipping will need to be calculated based on buyer's location. Includes CBHS Family Membership. All proceeds go to Save Our Lighthouse. favorite_onCONTACT US

Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Canvas Art Print

"Cape Blanco Lighthouse" art print by retired firefighter and lighthouse photographer David Olsen. Currently not available. favorite_onSOLD OUT

Cape Blanco "Inspiration"

Original oil painting by Deb Mysiewicz entitled "Inspiration". Deb is an artist, writer and researcher as well as a frequent contributor to the Heritage Journal.

Includes Individual CBHS Membership. favorite_onBUY ART

Cobalt Blue

Two Limited edition glass designed by Point.B Studio for Save Our Lighthouse paired with a rare Lighthouses of Oregon quilt by Theresia Hewitt (the quilt is currently sold out).

Available to $250 Benefactor Donors. Proceeds in this particular donor instance benefit "Save Our Lighthouse." favorite_onDONATE

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Charming free motion sewing and applique illustration by Cindy Young (2015) from the CBHS Archive. Includes CBHS Individual Membership.

Limited Edition
Mural Magnet

A detail image of the artist's mural installed at the Port Orford Visitors Center. Donated to "Save Our Lighthouse." Autographed by Darren Evans.

Includes CBHS Individual Membership and article on the Lighthouse Assessment. All proceeds go to "Save Our Lighthouse." favorite_onBUY MAGNET

“Save Our Lighthouse” Poster

Designed by Point.B Studio for Lighthouse Day 2023. Artist Darren Evans has donated his original painting that this poster is based on to be auctioned at a later date (click link to see original painting).

Ships rolled in a tube. Includes CBHS Family Membership, magnet and souvenir postcard autographed by artists/designers Rebecca Malamud-Evans and Darren Evans. All proceeds go to "Save Our Lighthouse." favorite_onBUY ART PRINT

Cape Blanco

"Cape Blanco Lighthouse" notecards by retired firefighter and lighthouse photographer David Olsen. Bundled with any recurring donation to "Save Our Lighthouse."

Includes CBHS Family Membership. All proceeds go to Save Our Lighthouse. Contact us for availability of art prints. favorite_onDONATE

Save Our
Lighthouse Magnet

"Save Our Lighthouse" magnet by docent Brian Zimmerman. Inludes CBHS Family membership.

Brian will be hosting again out at Cape Blanco this summer. Come visit! favorite_onBUY MAGNET

Cape Blanco

"Cape Blanco Lighthouse" photocards by photographer Karen Klokkeveld. Karen has been visiting the lighthouse for 20 years. Her latest cards include beautiful black and white photography and Karen's corgis. Includes CBHS Family Membership. favorite_onBUY CARDS

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